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Yeva Ohanjanyan

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Happy you're here!

About Me.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been the 'creative' one out of the bunch. Growing up, I was lucky enough to be given the freedom to truly express myself, as my parents came to this country 26 years ago to give me the life they always dreamed of. If I wasn't out at vocal lessons or participating in a school play, I was probably in my childhood bedroom building collages out of scraps around the house, or walking over to the shopping center near my house every other day to see if Michaels had any crafting classes I could participate in. Aside from always using my creativity, I was also drawn to the business world, being that I was raised by driven and motivated entrepreneurs. I had the creativity, but I also had the mind for business, so I dove into the world of marketing — the best decision I have made yet! I started working at it right after I graduated high school, picking up different aspects that are beneficial to the marketing world, such as graphic design, strategic thinking, brainstorming, photography, and more. Throughout this journey, I attended CSUN and received my BS in Marketing, and shortly after that, my MA from USC in Public Relations and Advertising to further improve my skills. I am always curious and passionate about facing new adventures in my life, always ready for growth, as this world is truly what you make of it!

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